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Fearless Practitioners

Feb 25, 2020

Are you looking for a proven marketing system to build your private practice? Then don’t miss this episode with my guest Dan Caldwell who shares his marketing expertise.

Fearless Practitioners Podcast -How to Master Marketing while Building your Practice with Dan Caldwell

What if I told you that you could double, triple, or, shoot, quadruple your referrals? Before you roll your eyes, keep reading!

You can do this by...

Feb 18, 2020

Are you ready to feel the fear and do it anyway? This episode discusses ways you can build your courage to grow your dream private practice.

Fearless Practitioners -Unexpected Ways to Build Courage Over Fear in Your Private Practice

Over the holidays and into the beginning of this year, I read Jessica Honegger’s book, Imperfect Courage.

Jessica is the Founder and Co-CEO of Noonday Collection and...

Feb 11, 2020

Are you needing some inspiration for new ideas in your private practice? You’ll get it here in this episode of the Fearless Practitioners podcast with my delightful guest, Heather Caplan.

Fearless Practitioners Podcast-How to Fuel your Practice with New Ideas with Heather Caplan

When it comes to building a private practice, we all come from humble beginnings and offer what we feel drawn to most.

Needless to...

Feb 4, 2020

Are you struggling with HIPAA, Billing and Insurance? If you want a successful private practice, you really can’t fall short on these critical areas.

Fearless Practitioners-All You Ever Wanted to Know About Billing, Insurance & HIPAA for your Private Practice

We have been having so much fun and are super excited about the upcoming workshop, Decoding HIPAA, Billing & Insurance that I decided to do a sneak peak on what this...