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Fearless Practitioners

Nov 29, 2022

What is the one thing you can do to move your business forward today?

Fearless Practitioners - Ep. 180 - One Thing You Can Do to Move Your Business Forward Today

At the end of every show, I always ask my guest that question, but I have never truly answered this for you.

In today’s show, I want to share the one thing (Let’s be real…I can't keep it to one thing) that you NEED to be doing today to get your...

Nov 22, 2022

Have you been thinking that you would want to make getting more clients easier?

Fearless Practitioners - Ep. 179 - Getting Started with Corporate Wellness Made Easy

Haven’t we all thought that at one time or another?! Thinking about expanding your services to corporate wellness?

In today’s episode, I chat with Christie Hunter about how she started out building her corporate wellness practice and...

Nov 15, 2022

Is it Christmas? Is it my Birthday? No, it’s planning time for next year!!

Fearless Practitioners - Ep. 178 - Planning Out Your Next Year

I have done this show every year since I started the podcast and, of course, I could not miss it this year. Today I will walk you through a few fun activities you can do to help you plan out your next year to be successful and to build your...

Nov 8, 2022

Y’all have been asking about programs, and even high-ticket programs, and how to get started.

Fearless Practitioners Podcast - Ep. 177 - High-Ticket Programs for Your Private Practice

Today’s guest shares that and so much more. I chatted with Anna Binder about how she went from seeing 1-on-1 clients to building high-ticket programs and building a team to support her programs.

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