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Fearless Practitioners

Feb 23, 2021

The dream that you have for opening your private practice doesn’t have to be perfect.

Fearless Practitioners - Ep. 108 - Get out of your own Way

I’m not saying it’s not going to be hard, I’m not saying that you won’t find yourself on a long, winding road but the one thing standing in your way is likely YOU!

In today’s Fearless Practitioners Podcast, I chat with Heather Finley, a Registered Dietitian with a Doctorate in Clinical Nutrition. We talk about how you don’t have to have it all together in order to start.  What you need is the ability to listen to clients and help!  And you need to take action NOW! Listen in for some steps that you can take to get off the sidelines, ditch perfectionism and go ugly early!

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Heather is a Registered Dietitian with a Doctorate in Clinical Nutrition who specializes in gut health.  She helps women beat the bloat, gain confidence and live their lives without fear of symptoms.  Heather took her own struggles with gut health and created a successful online private practice and now helps women create sustainable changes so that they can be the best version of themselves.


  • Know your ideal client and listen to them to help build your brand.
  • How to continue to think “what else” can I be doing to best serve my clients.
  • Go ugly early- don’t let fear or perfection get in your way.


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