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Fearless Practitioners

Oct 6, 2020

Do you need more calls from potential clients?

Fearless Practitioners - How to Keep a Flow of Clients Moving in Your Practice

We can all use more client calls. Setting up appointments with clients helps our business grow. Even if you are full, you should be thinking about how to build that waitlist. And if you are full, perhaps it’s time to think about hiring a team!

But I hear you…. How do you get more clients to call especially when you are just starting out or are looking to grow your practice?!

In this week’s episode of the #FearlessPractitioners #Podcast, we are going to talk about the top things you need to be doing on a weekly basis to keep that flow of new clients into your practice- grab some paper and pen because today you are going to be taking notes!!!

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  • Connecting with your community.
  • Following up with providers once you have seen a client.
  • Sending thank-you notes.
  • Being authentic and staying on your path.

Resources for Your Practice

Fearless Practitioners - Resources

I want to share with y'all some of my FAVORITE tools that I have relied on for the past 12 years to help build my practice, and have made my life easier.

If you are needing help with:

  • Tools for growing your business
  • Client software that is easy and affordable
  • Marketing support
  • Money tracking to make bookkeeping easier

I got y'all covered with these resources!!

After being in private practice for over a decade, I've learned what my practice simply cannot live without!

These are tools I strongly recommend for building your practice. Check them all out here!


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