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Fearless Practitioners

Sep 10, 2019

Today's episode welcomes a fearless, unconventional, career counselor, Jorie Himmel, PsyD.

Fearless Practitioners Podcast - Finding Your Right Niche to Create Balance

Jorie transformed her deep curiosity into the career of her dreams, and, get this, still maintains a desirable work-life balance!

Early on in her journey, Jorie realized the key to career success, and dare I say personal happiness is something quite simple. Ask lots and lots of QUESTIONS. Who knew? No pun intended. ;) But seriously, Jorie provides an easily understandable series of questions to help you determine if your career goals align with your values, interests, and goals.

Not only does Jorie provide helpful, pertinent career advice, she also discusses meeting our humanistic needs in other areas of our life beyond work, something I am fiercely passionate about. She truly inspired me as she talked about how change can be hard and uncomfortable, but RAD at the same time. At the end, she reveals the best and “worst” advice she’s received, and then provides us with some of her best advice. This episode absolutely fueled my fire and encouraged me to consider my own goals and visions, and I know you will feel equally inspired after listening to this insightful conversation.

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I provide individual therapy and career counseling for adults. I believe in the importance of a good therapeutic relationship and use warmth and authenticity to create a collaborative therapeutic environment. It is in this context that clients are able to more deeply engage in self-exploration and growth.

I use a relational and psychodynamic approach to therapy, while integrating cognitive-behavioral (CBT), dialectical-behavioral (DBT), and mindfulness-based interventions. I work with my clients to examine the connection between internal and external experiences, as well as to explore your relationships. In this way I can help you to gain insight and to build adaptive coping skills in order to feel healthier and more fulfilled.

[click_to_tweet tweet="In this week’s episode, I share how to honor what you want your career and life to look like and building a practice that matches that. #FearlessPractitioners #Podcast @AdrienPaczosa" quote="In this week’s episode, I share how to honor what you want your career and life to look like and building a practice that matches that. #FearlessPractitioners #Podcast @AdrienPaczosa"]


  • Finding fulfillment in work and life by making aligned choices.
  • Growth is hard but RAD! Learning how to hold both sides of building a practice.
  • Honoring what you want your career and life to look like, and building a practice that matches that.