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Fearless Practitioners

Apr 28, 2020

The times are changing; is your practice changing with it and ready for a recession?

This episode of the Fearless Practitioners podcast gets real with what we’re facing now in our practices, and discusses a plan of action for you to move from crisis to thriving.

Fearless Practitioners Podcast -Is Your Practice Ready for a Recession

In today’s show, I want us to get real and have a great conversation about all that is going on in life and HOW we are going to THRIVE!

Did y’all know I started my practice back when it was right before the other recession? Yep!

So, I have learned a few things from the school of hard knocks, and I’ll be sharing them here, and even more on my 3-part Facebook Live series at 11:00am CST / 12noon EST on the following dates:

  • Wednesday the 22nd (recording)
  • Wednesday the 29th
  • Wednesday the 6th

In each of these Facebook Lives, I’ll address the issues you may be dealing with right now. Each one will be a different topic and will be sharing what we are doing in our practice to THRIVE! Join me here.

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[click_to_tweet tweet="Is your practice ready for the recession? I started my practice before the last one and made it through the storm - learn how! #RDtobe #PrivatePractice #FearlessPractitioners #RDchat" quote="Is your practice ready for the recession? I started my practice before the last one and made it through the storm - learn how! #RDtobe #PrivatePractice #FearlessPractitioners #RDchat"]


  • Focusing on the positive - your health, the opportunities available, and knowing there is a storm ahead.
  • Checking in on yourself - your insecurities and junk are going to surface now, and how to not let them stop you.
  • How to do things differently this time - how are you going to change your path and take action.

Building Your Dream Practice - Enrollment is Open!

hoe to start a private practice for dietitians

Stop watching others, stop worrying about your future, stop stalling the growth of your practice, and take action!

The next ‘Building Your Dream Practice” program starts May 11th, and has been updated to support you in these challenging times. I've taken my 12+ years in business, running a two-location, multi-practitioner dietitian-nutrition practice, and will give you the proven framework to build your own dream practice, without wasting time or money.

In this enhanced program, I will give Live Coaching every week for 8 weeks, within this community. I will be there to review the lessons, take questions and support you with the materials you are learning.

The exclusive offer that includes BONUS items is only available until May 11th when the program starts. Get in the Building Your Dream Practice program today!


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