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Fearless Practitioners

May 5, 2020

Is your Dream Practice going to build itself? It’s time to trust your gut and stop waiting.

It kills me to know that too many people are just waiting to see what happens, rather than take action and do something about building their Dream Practice. If you need a kick in the pants to inspire you, today’s episode with my amazing guest, Laura Poburan, will light your fire.

Trusting your gut can bring up fear and is honestly hard to actually do. In this week’s show, I chat with Laura Poburan about how she took a HUGE leap out of her dream, and landed upright and feeling like she finally found her footing in her business.

She is here at the most perfect time to share her story of change and transition and how we can all face fear and come out the other side. Laura also shares a pretty amazing tip on how to reach and serve your clients right now!

Also, today is a BIG DAY!! We are launching the Building Your Dream Practice course, and it perfectly alignments with what Laura talks about. If you are feeling the pull of this economic downturn to pivot and change - trust your gut and let’s do this together!

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What if Pocahontas and Tony Robbins had a baby?

Hi! I'm Laura. Seeker of wild adventure and leader of deep, meaningful change that helps people to up-level the standards they hold themselves to in their life.

It was over 10 years ago that women started coming to me to feel more confident in their bodies...but when they left me feeling whole and free in their lives I knew that there was more to my coaching than simply nutrition and weight loss.

So I developed a simple way to tap into your own secret superpower to create predictable, meaningful change in others. My deepest passion in this world is to show every health, wellness or nutrition coach that they already have everything they need to lead their clients beyond the scale into lives of freedom, fulfillment and happiness.

Leaders are created, not born, friend. I can't wait to pull that sparkle out of you.

[click_to_tweet tweet="The power of trusting your gut takes courage when faced with financial issues. Laura Poburan shares her incredible story of landing on her feet on this episode of the #FearlessPractitioners podcast. #RDchat #Entrepreneur #RDtobe" quote="The power of trusting your gut takes courage when faced with financial issues. Laura Poburan shares her incredible story of landing on her feet on this episode of the #FearlessPractitioners podcast. #RDchat #Entrepreneur #RDtobe"]


  • The power of trusting your gut in the face of financial issues.
  • Tapping into your ideal client’s symptoms to build a deeper relationship.
  • Asking yourself hard questions to find and follow your Dreams!


Building Your Dream Practice - Enrollment Opens TODAY!

hoe to start a private practice for dietitians

Stop watching others, stop worrying about your future, stop stalling the growth of your practice, and take action!

Enrollment opens today for the next ‘Building Your Dream Practice” program starting May 11th, and has been updated to support you in these challenging times. I've taken my 12+ years in business, running a two-location, multi-practitioner dietitian-nutrition practice, and will give you the proven framework to build your own dream practice, without wasting time or money.

In this enhanced program, I will give Live Coaching every week for 8 weeks, within this community. I will be there to review the lessons, take questions and support you with the materials you are learning.

Registration for this group will close on May 11th when the program starts. Get in the Building Your Dream Practice program today!


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