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Fearless Practitioners

May 26, 2020

When was the last time you looked at your resume?

If the documentation of your work history has been neglected and gathering dust, this episode with my guest Stacey Dunn-Emke, founder of NutritionJobs, will inspire you to polish it up and create a standout resume!

Fearless Practitioners Podcast-Polish your Resume to Stand Out

If you’re not making the best use of your resume for...

May 19, 2020

In this episode of the Fearless Practitioner podcast, I share the three BIG decisions in life, and work, that I wish I had made sooner - and why YOU should make them now.

I thought I had to make LOTS of money before making these decisions, which turns out, is just not the case.

Fearless Practitioners Podcast -3 Big Decisions I Wish I Had Made Sooner

Y’all know I am on a mission to help...

May 5, 2020

Is your Dream Practice going to build itself? It’s time to trust your gut and stop waiting.

It kills me to know that too many people are just waiting to see what happens, rather than take action and do something about building their Dream Practice. If you need a kick in the pants to inspire you, today’s episode with...