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Fearless Practitioners

Dec 17, 2019

Make 2020 your year to grow a dream private practice!

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This episode of the Fearless Practitioners Podcast welcomes Boss Club Member, Liz Schonthal, MS, RDN, LDN. Together we discuss her journey of building her private practice.

Fearless Practitioners Podcast - Boss Club Spotlight

Are you making your dream of starting a private practice or business a reality?

Are you fully equipped with all the necessary resources? Do you feel guided, supported and encouraged?

Our talented guest, Liz, discusses her journey of becoming a dietitian, how she finally decided to pursue starting a private practice, and why and how she’s sticking with it!

Running a private practice isn’t always easy, but it’s so worth it to stay positive, seek support, and ride the wave of this messy, but fulfilling journey.

If you have any desire at all to begin your own business or private practice, this episode is for you! But, even if you don’t right now, just like many other of our amazing guests, Liz drops some wisdom bombshells that will inspire and benefit anyone!

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Liz has worked with a large variety of patients and clients in outpatient, corporate, clinical, in-home, and virtual settings. While she has worked extensively with people who have had bariatric surgery and diabetes, her recent passion is helping women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) achieve health, nutrition, and fertility goals through nutrition counseling.

Liz opened up her practice, Your Nutrition Partner, LLC in March of 2019, and primarily works with women with PCOS. She encourages clients to follow an Intuitive Eating approach, which includes letting go of strict diet rules and learning to listen to your body’s hunger, fullness, and satisfaction signals. Liz loves to help this population of women feel supported with practical, evidence-based nutrition advice.

Liz has her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Penn State University and her Masters of Science degree in Nutrition from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She lives in West Chester, Pennsylvania with her husband, Eric, and her two and a half year old daughter, Josie.

[click_to_tweet tweet="Dietetics school teaches us how to be practitioners, but doesn’t really equip us to be business people. Listen to this episode of the #FearlessPractitioners #podcast to learn how to be both! ~ @AdrienPaczosa #RDchat #RDtobe" quote="Dietetics school teaches us how to be practitioners, but doesn’t really equip us to be business people. Listen to this episode of the #FearlessPractitioners #podcast to learn how to be both! ~ @AdrienPaczosa #RDchat #RDtobe"]


  • How participating in the Fearless Practitioners Boss Club has enhanced her practice.
  • The importance of investing in yourself through coaching.
  • Encouraging yourself as your own boss.
  • The benefits of the Fearless Practitioners Boss Club community.


Decoding Insurance, HIPAA and Billing for Private Practice Owners

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