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Fearless Practitioners

Aug 13, 2019

In today’s show, I discuss my thoughts about comparing yourself to others when starting a private practice.


Don’t compare your beginning to someones else's middle!

We all know your first pancake is going to suck - so why in the world would you ever think that your first few months at starting a private practice would be any different??

Comparison is real and we all do it, and it can be so damaging!

Today I  get real about the truth of starting a practice, or heck, starting anything new  in your life, and how there needs to be a shift in your mindset to realize your goals.  

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  • Achieving ANY goal is hard will take time, dedication and a willingness.
  • Where you are is where you are, and where you are is good!
  • Comparison only drops confidence, it does NOT build up your success.