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Fearless Practitioners

Oct 2, 2018

Welcome to the first episode of the Fearless Practitioners Podcast! My name is Adrien Paczosa, owner of iLiveWell Nutritional Therapy and host of this new podcast!! The show will cover topics with expert clinicians, marketers, and others that will help grow your practice! Also with interviews I will share my own tips on mindset, journey and experience of growing a practice, habit and routines, money, and tools & tips of being a business owner.

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Fearless Practitioners is about being with you along the journey through it all. If you have not joined our Facebook group...what are you waiting for?!

Tune in every week for practical business advice, and inspiring tips for building your dream practice. No matter how different our own paths may look, we’re in it together!

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  • The importance of mindset shift
  • Common fears when starting your own practice
  • What is the Fearless Practitioners Podcast
  • The stumbling blocks faced to building my own practice


Fearless Practitioners

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