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Fearless Practitioners

Dec 1, 2020

How do you develop your voice as a practitioner?

Fearless Practitioners - Finding Your Voice Can Help Find Your Calling with Tammy Beasley

You have so much to offer as a practitioner, and sometimes you will hit obstacle after obstacle. There are times when you will have to go up against large organizations to fight for change and that can be hard. But when you are able to speak up and speak out, you can make huge changes, not just for the world of dietitians, but for your patients as well.

In this week's episode of the #FearlessPracitioners #Podcast, I chat with Tammy Beasley about her amazing career and how she learned to find HER voice as a practitioner to achieve greatness. Tune in and learn how your practitioner’s voice can be a collective power.

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As the Vice President of Clinical Nutrition Services, Tammy focuses on program development and staff training to provide consistency and excellence in nutrition programming at all Alsana programs.

With over three decades of experience as a registered/licensed dietitian nutritionist, Tammy has served in multiple dimensions of care including inpatient and outpatient settings, advocacy and clinical training as Director of IAEDP Certification. As the first registered dietitian to become certified with IAEDP in 1993 and the first Alabama dietitian to receive the certified specialist in sports dietetics in 2007, Tammy is a sought-after consultant, speaker, and leader in the nutrition field.

As a frequent speaker at national and international conferences, Tammy is passionate about translating evidence-based nutritional science into practical yet innovative strategies within a collaborative treatment approach to support full recovery.


  • How to find your voice as a practitioner.
  • Having the courage to not give up on your passion.
  • Being involved in professional organizations to help build your voice.


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