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Fearless Practitioners

Jan 12, 2021

Making the move to private practice is an essential shift if you want financial freedom and ownership.

Fearless Practitioners - From Disaster to Growth of His Practice

How would you react if you opened your practice then a few months later one of the most devastating natural disasters in your city hit?! You need to find ways to be money-wise and mindful and you need to come up with creative ways to enhance your business without messing with the bottom line.

In this week's episode of the #FearlessPractitioners #Podcast, I chat with Moe Schlachter, MS, RD, CDCES about his journey into private practice. From a commitment to not spending beyond your means to finding diversification in how you run your private practice, listen as Moe shares his story and learn how you can take action in your practice today!

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Moe Schlachter, founder and lead dietitian, is a registered dietitian nutritionist, professionally trained chef, and professor of nutrition. His integrated approach has helped countless patients achieve their nutrition goals. He holds a Masters of Nutrition degree from Texas Woman’s University and is a Certified Diabetes Care & Education Specialist (CDCES formerly known as CDE). The Texas Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics recognized him as Young Dietitian of the Year in 2015 and with the Dietitian in Media award in 2020. When he wants to unwind and recharge he looks to the open road and enjoys road trips with his family.


  • Setting personal and professional goals to be your north star.
  • Being creative when disaster hits.
  • Not being afraid to hustle, especially when there is no turning back.


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