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Fearless Practitioners

Apr 7, 2020

Looking for ways to create passive income in your private practice? Join me and my guest Sohailla Digsby, to learn her tips on this episode of the Fearless Practitioners podcast.

Fearless Practitioners Podcast -How Meeting Your Client’s Needs Can Become Passive Income

We could all use extra cash and more ways to grow our private practice.

In this week’s episode, I sat down to chat with Sohailla Digsby, founder of Best Body Nutrition & Fitness, about how she listened to her client’s pain points, and turned that into a passive income stream for her practice.

She shares her tips on how you can do the same in your practice too.

Get ready to take notes and write down some new ideas and creative insights!

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Sohailla Digsby is a registered dietitian, fitness pro, author and international speaker.

She is the Founder of Best Body Nutrition & Fitness – directing the Best Body Countdown and training facilitators to run her 8-week lifestyle change program around the US, as well as multiple app-based wellness programs.

Sohailla runs a year-round wellness membership site, and offers a course on Self-Publishing for RDs providing 25 CPEUs. She and her husband of 21 years also direct a busy household of three young world-changers in Evans, Georgia.

Sohailla is the recipient of several awards, including the 2018 Outstanding Alumnus of the Year for Augusta University’s Dietetic Internship, 2016 SCW Presenter of the Year Award and the Georgia Academy’s Distinguished Service in Media Award in 2014.

She has recently self-published her third book: the Priority Planner & Wellness Log to go along with her other 2 books, the Best Body Cookbook & Menu Plan and the Countdown to Your Best Body Success Journal.

[click_to_tweet tweet="Want to know how to make a few more $$ in your practice by serving your clients right now? Listen to this interview with @bestbodyin52 as she shares how she built a passive income in her practice. #RDchat #RDtobe #FearlessPractitioners" quote="Want to know how to make a few more $$ in your practice by serving your clients right now? Listen to this interview with @bestbodyin52 as she shares how she built a passive income in her practice. #RDchat #RDtobe #FearlessPractitioners"]


  • Taking the lead with serving clients to support them along their journey.
  • Listening to pain points of clients to build your passive income.
  • Partnering with others to reach more clients, and support them through their growth.
  • Accountability between sessions to build up retention and support.
  • How to take action this week!


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