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Fearless Practitioners

Oct 20, 2020

It’s conference season with a twist this year.

Fearless Practitioners - How to Attend a Virtual Conference & CRUSH It!

Because of COVID-19, virtual conferences are on the rise. This means that there are more opportunities to attend conferences that you might not have been able to before. It also means that you are able to network and learn from a wider range of people.

However, virtual conferences, unlike in-person conferences, require a different kind of approach and mindset. Switching from experiencing the energy of being around people in a HUGE ballroom to being at home in front of a screen will take a shift.

Before your next virtual conference, listen in to this episode of the Fearless Practitioners Podcast as I share some tips and tricks to increase your focus and help make the most of your time.

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  • Treat your time like you are attending an in-person conference.
  • Connect with Friends prior to the conference. Click HERE for FNCE 2020 Friends!
  • After the conference, set aside time to process and follow up.

Resources for Your Practice

Fearless Practitioners - Resources

I want to share with y'all some of my FAVORITE tools that I have relied on for the past 12 years to help build my practice, and have made my life easier.

If you are needing help with:

  • Tools for growing your business
  • Client software that is easy and affordable
  • Marketing support
  • Money tracking to make bookkeeping easier

I got y'all covered with these resources!!

After being in private practice for over a decade, I've learned what my practice simply cannot live without!

These are tools I strongly recommend for building your practice. Check them all out here!


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