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Fearless Practitioners

Jan 8, 2019

Welcome to being a master of being YOU!

When I started my practice I didn’t feel like I could let people know or see any of my flaws.

I had the crazy idea that I had to appear perfect in everything I did. I am far from perfect and messed upMastery of Being Fearless In Your Practice a lot. I still mess up and I still have failures. For a very long time I felt I could not share the human side of me, and it sucked.

The mastery episodes are all about empowering you on the life side of the practice. I want us to have a place to talk about this side of things and how we are still able to run a practice.

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  • What it means to have mastery of being fearless
  • Empowering you on the life side of building your practice
  • Looking at some of your imperfections that make you more real


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