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Fearless Practitioners

Mar 30, 2021

Once I figured this out, things seemed to fall into place a bit more for me.

Fearless Practitioners - Ep. 113 - Once I figured this out...

Can you guess what that might be? If you are a regular around here you might guess…

  • Knowing your numbers
  • Time blocking
  • Authentic in-person marketing

You would probably be right guessing any one of those, but today I’m going to go a bit deeper. 

In this episode of the FearlessPractitioners Podcast, we are going to chat all about self-awareness!   Get ready to block out some time to do some self-work because working on yourself as a business owner helps your business to grow!!

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  • Self Awareness for business owners.
  • Johari Window of Self.
  • How being a self-aware business owner helps you grow.

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