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Fearless Practitioners

Sep 21, 2021

How to be focused is what helps YOU, as a business owner, to achieve your profitable goals!

Fearless Practitioners - Ep. 133 - Shiny Object Syndrome and How to Deal with It

You, as an entrepreneur, will have ideas and your brain will always be going. That’s some of the magic of entrepreneurs and yet can always be our downfall because we have a hard time staying focused and turning those ideas into profit.

In this week's show, I share what I have used for years and what my coaching clients have adapted to help them increase their productivity and not feel like they are always behind the 8-ball.

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  • Blocking your schedule
  • Capturing your ideas
  • Checking in with your goals
  • Turning off social media and stop comparing

How do you build up your referral system?

Marketing Wedesdays Action StepsMarketing does not have to take over your time, but you do have to make time to do your marketing. By following these steps and blocking out your calendar to take action, you WILL see the results and you WILL have success without the headache and fear of not knowing when clients will come, while building relationships.

Download your Marketing Wednesdays Action Steps to start your action plan!


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