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Fearless Practitioners

Jul 14, 2020

Why isn’t the phone ringing off the hook in your private practice?

This episode of the Fearless Practitioners Podcast reveals the top 5 things that most dietitians miss when they are first starting out in their practice.

Fearless Practitioners Podcast -The Top 5 Reasons Your Phone Isn’t Ringing

There are several things that can really trip people up when they’re building a private practice.

I see it all the time with my coaching clients, and yes it can be overwhelming in the beginning when you’re first starting out.

Today I shine a light on the top 5 things that most people miss that will prevent the phone from ringing off the hook when they are first getting going in their practice.

Be ready to take notes and I hope you’ll get a few “aha” moments in this episode!

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[click_to_tweet tweet="Why isn't the phone ringing in your practice? You'll learn the top 5 reasons why on this episode of the #FearlessPractitioners podcast. #RDChat #entrepreneur #RDtobe #PrivatePractice" quote="Why isn't the phone ringing in your practice? You'll learn the top 5 reasons why on this episode of the #FearlessPractitioners podcast. #RDChat #entrepreneur #RDtobe #PrivatePractice"]


  • Did you miss the first step in marketing - identifying your ideal client?
  • How’s your marketing plan going?
  • Are you spending all your time working and none of it marketing?
  • Do you know what is working and what is not working in your practice?

Be Fearless Workshop: Marketing, Sales & Mindset

Be Fearless Workshop: Marketing, Sales & Mindset

Virtual 1/2 day Workshop for Dietitians & Private Practice Owners - Saturday July 18, from 10:00 am to 2:30 pm EST.

Is having a profitable practice one of your goals?

You have a dream like many of us, to grow and scale your practice with consistent income, knowing you can make it work and stay in business.

But… the trick is figuring out how to sign on more of your ideal clients - on a consistent basis and to do that you need to know how to get more leads and referrals.

These are fundamental elements in creating a profitable practice and I can help you learn these skills (along with my 2 guest experts).

Join me for a special half-day workshop to learn:

  • What you need in a marketing funnel that converts website visitors and social connections into leads.
  • How to have a discovery call / session with your leads and close the sale.
  • The mindset you need to make all of this work to have consistent clients and be profitable!

No matter what stage of your practice you’re at, I’ve got you covered with PROVEN, easy-to-follow strategies you won’t find anywhere else. Learn more and register here!


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