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Fearless Practitioners

Nov 26, 2019

This episode invites you to take a different approach to the 'F' word, and why failure is not only inevitable, it's actually  teaching tool that is necessary to grow.

So tell me more about how you failed this week.

Has anyone ever asked you that question before?

Maybe, but probably not. Most of

us tend to focus on our...

Nov 19, 2019

How do you define success? For my guest, Monica Mo, it required letting go of her ego, focusing on community, and leading from within.

Fearless Practitioners Podcast_Leading From Within

The moment when you realize that letting go of your ego and focusing on solving your communities' problems is the true key to success, you will never look back.

So often, we fixate on...

Nov 12, 2019

Have you harnessed the power of word of mouth marketing to grow and leverage your private practice?  This episode of the Fearless Practitioners podcast discusses this tried and true method and my own experiences with it.


Word of mouth marketing… an ancient rabbit hole OR the secret sauce to create a sustainable,...

Nov 5, 2019

Are you trying to make a shift in your practice, but dealing with fear of change? Don't miss this episode of the Fearless Practitioners podcast with my guest Stephanie Clairmont as she shares her journey of transition.

Fearless Practitioners Podcast-Embracing Change in Your Practice

Does the idea of changing paths in your career scare you?

Many of us enter the job field in one area...