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Fearless Practitioners

Nov 23, 2021

Have you spent money on marketing?

Or have you spent hours and hours trying new social media posts, new ideas, etc., trying to get more clients and nothing worked? I sure have and know how frustrating and defeating it can be.

Fearless Practitioners Podcast - Learn How to Get More Clients Easily

In today’s show, I chat with Dr. Ginger Bratzel. She shares how a few simple conversations...

Nov 16, 2021

Here’s to planning our 2022 year and goal setting as a Group Practice owner!

Fearless Practitioners - Ep. 139 - Planning & Goal Setting Like a Fearless Practitioner

It’s MY favorite time of year! We have the holiday season, my birthday, and my most favorite time of year is… GOAL PLANNING! This time of year I combine all my favorite practice owner things:

  • A planner
  • Being...

Nov 9, 2021

Do you have imposter syndrome?

Do you say to yourself:

Fearless Practitioners Podcast - Kicking the Impostor Syndrome to the Crib

  • "What the hell are you doing?"
  • "You are not a real business owner."
  • "You should stop this business and go back to work at the hospital because you really don’t know what you are doing."

If you have not had this inner dialogue with yourself I would be impressed....

Nov 2, 2021

It’s my birthday and I had to share with you some of my favorite things.

Fearless Practitioners - Ep. 137 - It’s my Birthday! Let’s Celebrate!

I know it’s like being Oprah for the day! Now, if only I could afford to give y‘all a car and tons of goodies. Instead, I thought I would just share my favorite things that I use in my office, my life, and in my diet nutrition land and...