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Fearless Practitioners

Nov 23, 2021

Have you spent money on marketing?

Or have you spent hours and hours trying new social media posts, new ideas, etc., trying to get more clients and nothing worked? I sure have and know how frustrating and defeating it can be.

Fearless Practitioners Podcast - Learn How to Get More Clients Easily

In today’s show, I chat with Dr. Ginger Bratzel. She shares how a few simple conversations with clients can change up how you get clients coming in over and over and over again.

Dr. Bratzel helps take the confusion out of marketing and walks you through real world tactics that work.

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Dr. Ginger Bratzel is the founder and creator of Rio Grande DATP LLC. Ginger started her professional career as a dentist where she developed systems and strategies to increase patient and client attraction to create business growth.

From Ginger’s own success, soon health care providers and other service providers from around the country were asking her to work with them in their businesses, too, And she quickly began coaching private clients on how to do it, as well.

Ginger was invited to consult and be the lead coach for one of the largest healthcare marketing companies in the nation to their top-level clients teaching them her proven step-by-step program to show owners exactly how to attract more of the right kind of patients, clients, and customers.

Ginger is known for her “no holds barred and shoot straight from the hip” approach to business growth as well as getting and keeping clients.


  • Apply core frameworks to support you and then you can help more people
  • Learn to connect with your clients
  • Learn to listen to people
  • Have a personal connection


How do you build up your referral system?

Marketing Wedesdays Action StepsMarketing does not have to take over your time, but you do have to make time to do your marketing. By following these steps and blocking out your calendar to take action, you WILL see the results and you WILL have success without the headache and fear of not knowing when clients will come, while building relationships.

Download your Marketing Wednesdays Action Steps to start your action plan!


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