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Fearless Practitioners

Feb 19, 2019

In today’s podcast I chat with Libby Rothschild about the power of connection and how to truly impact your practice through social media!

Grow and Scale Your Practice OnlineTake a chance and connect with people online that you want to get to know! Y’all are going to want to pay attention and take some notes because Libby shares her inside tips that she uses with her coaching clients!

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About Libby Rothschild

Ever since she was a young girl Libby Rothschild wanted to create her own rules. “I didn’t want anyone else determining my work hours, salary, job description or even course load.” She works with wellness professionals who love making an impact but struggle with increasing profit.

Libby began her  first career in health and wellness over a decade ago as a Certified Personal Trainer and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. During that time, she built a profitable personal training business working in Manhattan, New York City. In 2015, she launched her second career as a nutrition consultant where she created and taught  academic curriculum for dental residents and medical students. In 2017, she started using social media effectively in to grow and scale her business. From there Libby shifted her focus to coaching other wellness professionals on how to grow their online presence. She also launched her successful podcast Wellness Business.


  • Tips for boosting your social media
  • Why niching down is so powerful
  • Permission to learn and pivot
  • How to evaluate your social media platforms


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