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Fearless Practitioners

Jan 25, 2022

No Shows and Late Cancellations...

Fearless Practitioners - Ep. 146 - How to Cut Down on No Shows

Are no shows and late cancellations getting you frustrated and making you feel like you will never hit your goals as a private practice owner? You are not alone and, honestly, it is pretty normal to have a fair amount of no shows in a week. Yet, how can we cut this down and how can we truly make sure we are meeting our clients needs?

In this Fearless Practitioners podcast, I share what it means to our practice when we have a lot of no shows, how to determine your no show rate, and how to cut down on them.

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  • What it means to our practice when we have a lot of no shows
  • How to determine your no show rate
    • What’s normal - 2-3 per week
    • There are a bunch of reports in all the ERHs to find this
      • Once you have a benchmark, see if you can cut this down
  • How to cut down on no show rates
    • Send reminders
    • Check in between sessions
    • Build rapport

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