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Fearless Practitioners

Apr 21, 2020

Have you ever met anyone in a bar that turns out to be such an inspirational and badass of colleagues?

Well, I did! A few years ago I sat next to Kristi Coughlin and ever since then she has been an inspiration to me. After listening to this episode of the Fearless Practitioners Podcast, I know she will be one for y’all too.

Fearless Practitioners Podcast-How to Unlock Your Inner Badass with Kristi Coughlin

When life changes, we have to learn to make space for that, and also learn to not allow perfectionism to hold us back when we are growing our private practice.

Kristi shares her tips and tools on how she has transformed into a phoenix rising from life’s experiences, and how having a badass brag list of what she’s done has helped her to keep reaching for her goals.

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Like many, Kristi started her professional career the traditional way, as a clinical dietitian. After working several years as a relief dietitian in an acute care hospital, she accepted a teaching position with a local community college. Eventually, Kristi transitioned into school nutrition before taking a massive leap of faith to move across state lines with her family to the beautiful State of Oregon.

Kristi’s move prompted her to pursue a dream she had since her days in college - to start her own business. In 2016, Kristi took the necessary steps to launch an online private practice. For three years, Kristi ran her private practice helping people overcome their perfect eating expectations, but felt compelled to take on other ventures to help people on a larger scale.

In early 2019, Kristi launched an online store called Effect Positivity (verb): to bring about happy. The goal of the store was to create and sell products with inspiring messages. The messages inscribed on her products are a direct result of working with clients in her private practice – many of whom are recovering perfectionists who would benefit from loving themselves a little more. The popular messages sold on Kristi’s website include: You are Enough, Keep Going, and REAL. Better than Perfect.

[click_to_tweet tweet="Want to know how to get out of the perfectionist trap? In this #FearlessPractitioners episode, Kristi Coughlin shares her tips and tools to break free and unlock your inner badass. #RDchat #Entrepreneur #RDtobe" quote="Want to know how to get out of the perfectionist trap? In this #FearlessPractitioners episode, Kristi Coughlin shares her tips and tools to break free and unlock your inner badass. #RDchat #Entrepreneur #RDtobe"]


  • Tips and tools to break free from perfectionist mindset.
  • How to move forward... take stock in everything you have done before and make your Badass brag list!
  • Ted Talk: Finding Clarity in Your Calling


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