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Fearless Practitioners

Aug 3, 2021

Real Action. Real Life. Real Results.

Fearless Practitioners - Ep. 127 - Let's Have Some Summertime Fun

Usually, in my Podcast episodes, we are talking about things you may be doing to move your practice forward.  But, it’s summer and I’ve been hearing a lot of things from y’all about feeling unmotivated and a bit burnt out...  I think we need to shake things up around here and have some fun of our own! 

In this episode of Fearless Practitioners, let’s get to know each other more!  You’ll find out a little more about my personal journey and what to expect here at Fearless Practitioners.   

Listen in and let’s talk about real action, real life, and real results! I hope to hear from you and learn more about YOU too! 

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  • Nice to Meet You!
  • What to expect here at Fearless Practitioners.
  • Real Action. Real life. Real results.

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